Pearl Barley

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Pearl barley , or pearled barley , is barley that has been processed to remove its hull and bran . All barley must have its fibrous outer hull removed before it can be eaten; pearl barley is then polished to remove the bran layer.

Barley ( Hordeum vulgare L.), a member of the grass family , is a major cereal grain grown in temperate climates globally. It was one of the first cultivated grains, particularly in Eurasia as early as 10,000 years ago. [3] Barley has been used as animal fodder , as a source of fermentable material for beer and certain distilled beverages , and as a component of various health foods . It is used in soups and stews, and in barley bread of various cultures. Barley grains are commonly made into malt in a traditional and ancient method of preparation.